The Beanmachine

The Beanmachine Is A Patent Pending Device Which Brews Coffee Shop Quality Coffee Within Itself Rapidly

It does this in a similar way to a commercial coffee machine. This allows The Beanmachine to give the user a real coffee with or without milk in around 1 minute (1/4 of the time of a cafetiere) without any further apparatus; all you need is a kettle, a BeanHeroes CoffeeShot and The Beanmachine!

The Machine

  • Coffee that tastes like its from the local coffee shop! - With Patent Pending Multi Chamber Design
  • Brews in only 30 seconds – No 3 minute wait for a cafetiere
  • Produces coffee like an espresso machine. Using high pressure to create an Americano or Flat White - yet requires just a kettle
  • Mixes and stirs coffee while it brews – speeding up your coffee experience  
  • Quick to clean- so can be used time and time again throughout the day
  • Assembles Into A Travel Mug - take real coffee shop coffee anywhere

The Coffee

Beanheroes source, blend and roast coffee beans which have been carefully selected for the British palette. Our highly trained artisan roasters are experts in their field, ensuring the beans are roasted to perfection then carefully ground to create the perfect blend. Each individual shot of ground coffee is precisely measured for use in The Beanmachine to brew the perfect coffee.

  • Uses just regular espresso ground coffee or perfectly measured Beanheroes shots
  • Unique ‘fresh sachet system’ – every serving is individually packed to guarantee that just roasted taste
  • Coffee is produced to brew faster using The Beanmachine – so users can enjoy their real coffee in an instant
  • No need for grinders or serving scoops - every sachet is measured to produce the perfect coffee using the The Beanmachine
  • Specially developed for the UK palette - tastes perfect with milk
  • Unique blend of some of the best ethically sourced coffees from around the world – guaranteeing fairness and quality from bean to Beanmachine.

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