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Hero 1 - Martin Hewitt

Army Captain | Business Man | Adventurer | Injured Soldier

Martin served 8 years as an Officer in the Parachute Regiment. He saw active service abroad where he received life changing injuries when he was shot in 2007.

In 2011 Martin established two world records with a team of wounded veterans walking unsupported to the North Pole; and in 2012 led a team of wounded veterans to attempt Mount Everest.

Martin wants you to help him fund a Double Amputee colleague up Mount Kilamanjaro

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Hero 2 - Shekhar Nagarkar

University Lecturer | Ex Rotary President | Business Man | Parkinsons Sufferer

With over 45 years experience of working in a variety of industries, Shekhar is a Chartered Mechanical and Production Engineer.

He was the founder of Disbury Music Festival and Party In The Park a charity festival that raises money for local charities such as the Make A Wish Foundation and is currently a director of two businesses.

Shekhar wants you to fund 10 pill timers that will help Parkinsons sufferers cope with the disease better

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Hero 3 - Mr Angry Bean

Inventor Of "The Beanmachine" | Head Is A Coffee Bean | Founder Of Beanheroes | Father

Mascot for social enterprise arm of a coffee company.

A Father and supporter of a childrens hospice via the company's social enterprise. Angry Bean wishes to fund counciling training courses for nurses to go on, that will equip them to help terminal children and their families deal with their situation.

Mr Angry Bean wants to fund a nurse through a counciling course to help terminally ill children