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Martin - Help him fund an ex colleague to climb Kilamanjaro

Shekhar - Help him to buy 10 pill timers. A significant help for 10 people with Parkinsons

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Delicious coffee plays with astringency but never quite gets there. This is one of the richest coffees I have tried that has the balance right between richness and bitterness. It has a beautiful rich crema also. One of if not the best I have seen. It looks a good coffee straight from the pour. I drink it as an espresso or as a macchiato.

Christine Briscoe
Bought Maxed Out blend

Really like this coffee. I found these guys through a friend and their coffees are great. They are really different but always delicious. You can see that someone is putting a lot of effort into making sure that there isnt one dud in the range. I reviewed this one as I normally drink single estate, but this one really is good.

Bought Garkys blend

If you told me coffee could have had a slight citrus nearly lemony taste I wouldn't have believed you until I tried this coffee. I wouldn't have thought such a taste could work but it does. I can honestly say I have never tasted a coffee like this and I do drink a lot of the stuff. It is now one of my favourites.

Joe Bent
Bought Cata blend