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La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi Coffee Machine + Macap Automatic Coffee Press

Product Specifications

Automation Auto-Volumetric (AV)
Boiler Type Dual boiler (.45 L coffee boiler / 1.2 L steam boiler)
Cup Size Traditional
Groups 1 Group
Plumbing Style Non-plumbed (2.4 L reservoir)
Pump Vibratory
Height 385 mm
Width 415mm
Depth 415mm
Weight 28 kg
Amps 15 or 20 Amp options
Volts 110 Volts
Watts 1250 Watt steam boiler and 800 Watt group boiler

Product Description

Espresso machines typically take up a lot of space on the counter, so La Spaziale has constructed a mini espresso machine. The S1 Mini Vivaldi Espresso Machine offers high-quality espresso that you can make at home. This machine is a non-plumbed version, making it easier to care for.

However, they took great care not to skimp on the features that come with this compact machine. Some of the new things you will see on the Mini Vivaldi include:

  • Improved design
  • Programmable timer (optional)
  • More accurate temperature probe
  • Dual manometer (no longer needs a porta filter with a pressure gauge)
  • Pre-infusion chamber (optional)
  • Programmable offset differential
  • Adjustable temperature setting

Improved Design

The new design on the Mini-Vivaldi eliminates the Plexi cup guard and is much more user friendly. The elimination of the cup guard shortens the machine and stands at 15-inches. This new design has also allowed the porta filter to be redesigned.

Programmable Timer

The programmable timer feature is optional, but must be a La Spaziale brand because standard timers do not work. With this programmable timer, you can set the machine to turn on or off on specific days. The best part about the timer is it is a 7-day timer, so you can set it to start at different times depending on the day.

More Accurate Temperature Probe

The temperature probe is submerged in the boilers directly, making it more reliable. It also gives it the ability to detect a drop of just one-degree Celsius. The Mini-Vivaldi's new probe enhances the performance of the boilers and gives you a perfect cup of espresso every time.

Dual Manometer

You no longer need a porta filter with a pressure gauge with the new espresso machines. The Mini-Vivaldi offers a Dual Manometer that allows you to check and adjust your pump's output pressure.

Pre-Infusion Chamber

The addition of a pre-infusion chamber works the same way it does on the E61 Group. You will find a pre-drilled hole on the side of your brew group, and this is where the chamber attaches. To install the chamber, you unscrew the plug and attach the chamber.

Programmable Offset Differential

The programmable offset differential allows you to set the temperature setting on the LED display and have it control the temperature of the group. Each machine is tested prior to shipping to prevent users from having to purchase equipment to test the settings.

One-Degree Temperature Settings

The LED display features a new temperature setting that allows one-degree increment changes. You can vary the temperature from 91 degrees to 97 degrees Celsius

  • 91 C = 195.8 F
  • 92 C = 197.6 F
  • 93 C = 199.4 F
  • 94 C = 201.2 F
  • 95 C = 203.0 F
  • 96 C = 204.8 F
  • 97 C = 206.6 F

Product Video

Video Transcript

Arg! This is Angry Bean and I am here today reviewing the beautiful La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi coffee machine. Okay so, first things first the exterior we have got side panels they come in black, they come in red, and they come in gray as well. So, we’ve got those different color options and that will change the side panel

Using the front. *Hit* Good. You’ve got your drip tray here collects all the waste water. Then you’ve got the tank here for water as well. This is obviously the water that is about to gothrough the machine. So this is a header tank. It’s not the boiler because the water would be boiling out of the top of it and giving off a lot of steam. So it goes through there into your boiler.

Okay so the S1 has two boilers. One boiler for steam, one boiler for your coffee and your steam also controls your hot water function as well on the machine. So why do we have two boilers?

The reason we have two boilers is because the two will act independently of each other. What normally happens is if you take on water for your standard coffee machine the hot water will then refill the cold water and that will then affect thetemperature of your coffee via a heat exchange mechanism thatworks inside the tank. So by separating the two systems you end up with much more accurate temperatures which is what we want.

So, the temperature is displayed here…. Sorry the temperature isdisplayed here across the top of the machine. There is differenttemperatures here which are relating to the different temperature of the water that is producing the coffee. Now because La Spaziale has tried to get it right and because in different places in the world the machine will be set up to different electrical standards and then you’ve also you’ve got differences in terms of the external temperature of the machine. And there is adifferential between the actual boiler and the water that comes out of the coffee and that is burned at the bottom and I don’t like that.

So what have we got to stop that from happening? We can set up a differential on the machine so we can find out the temperatureat here here. Set the differential in the machine so thatessentially what we see on here is the temperature that is coming out of the grouper. And that can be calibrated on your machine and we can do that for you if you ask very nicely.

Operating The Machine

So we have full volume metric control. What does full volumemetric control mean? Well its’ volume isn’t it obviously. Volumeis the amount of water that you’ve got in each shot. So we can control that and it’s done by a flow meter much has the same way as it’s done on a commercial coffee machine. So once we’ve set that it will dispense the same amount time, and time, and time again and again and again.

The next thing we’ve got is we’ve got a single and we’ve got a double so we can do two shots or we can do one shot. So youcan do a double at the same time on this achine or you can do a single. So in the baskets is double handle, single handle. Double handle has got double the amount of space for the coffee and the single handle obviously has half the amount of space as the double because it’s only doing a single shot.

Okay so what else does it have?

Well, let’s start out using a diameter on the handles so it’s not a stander E61. The diameter is less and what the belief is there mean your shot height is greater. If the shot height is greater when you are tamping down on the tamper like so s I amtamping my coffee down. Might be a little silly and tamping it like that. I am not doing it properly or maybe I’ve got this on a tilt. If it’s not perfectly level you end up with the water going basically down towards the path of least resistance and getting around the coffee. Now if you have obviously a higher shot it doesn’t matter because essential it’s still going to make itthrough a greater proportion of coffee. So how big basically theproduce diameter grove handle does give a more consistent shot and therefore a more consistent espresso.

The last buttons we’ve got on here. Obviously you’ve got your on/off button that is self-explanatory I am not going to explain that to you. And then you’ve got the boiler function so what does the boiler function do? Well, the boiler is if you basically don’t want to make cappuccinos and lattes and you just want to make espresso. So maybe if you are a little bit continental you don’t like foam in your milk and you prefer to turn that boiler off then you can turn your steamer boiler off and thus saves some electricity, save the planet, yes.

Okay so, the other thing that we can do is we can vary the temperature on here and that is very simply done by the following. Press and hold this button here

Okay and I cycle through my available temperatures to the ones that I desire and I press that one again and it’s set. So that isessentially the machine.

You’ve got a ball joint on your steam arm. What is a ball joint?A ball joint is basically one that allows you to tilt it in multipledirection because it’s basically like a socket like this and allowing you to twist it. So you can get it so it’s perfect to put foam in your milk maybe you like it like this, or maybe you like to tilt it that way.

Scorch guard obviously there to stop you from burning yourself. Then we’ve got a leaver steam here which is used on a lot of the La Spaziale commercial machines like the one over here. So leaver steam, what is the benefit of leaver steam? If I am foaming milk here and I just started using a coffee machine I might be a bit nervous so typically what I might be doing is I might be holding my jug like this and I am holding my figure like that going “oh it’s going to burn me, so any minute now I need to be able to turn it off”. Now that is what the rotary turn steam arm which you would have to turn. With this I have a lot more confidence because I know essentially all I need to do is –

Like so. To turn it off. So I’ve got a lot of confidence now and I just go like that and the thing is turned off. So that means I can use two arms, twhands while it’s foaming and that will lead to a better capachino and a better latte.

Making a Cappuccino

Give you an idea.

Okay now because I’ve got two boilers I can use the steam at the same time as it’s pouring the coffee.

Okay so the thing that is nice about this steam arm is it’s more or less give out a very similar high quality dry steam so less waterportion in the steam than your conventional vastly machines on the market. Very similar to what you would be getting out of the commercial you can tell by the steam got me to foam that milk there. The other thing is your get a really good milk foam which is essential if you are making cappuccino and latte. And, also it’s very good for doing latte art.

Not bad for a guy with a bean on his head.

Packages & Accessories

So the La Spaziale S1 you will wanting to purchasing the machine with extras because don’t forget they narrow diameterof the grove handles you must get the correct tamping tool. If you multiple buy with Bean Heroes you will get the grinder cheaper, the tamper cheaper and basically the discounts increase the more stuff you buy. So if you are going for a package you can put it all together and you can do big reduction so you can have the right tamper, right knock out box, and the correct grinder.

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Customer Reviews

Excellent Coffee Maker for the Price - 10 February 2015

I’ve have used three other similar coffee makers in the past and the Vivaldi S1 is certainly the best I’ve had so far in this price range. The small design offers plenty of features, but the real difference is in the quality of the coffee itself. Time and time again it brewed great coffee which I have enjoyed ever since I purchased this machine. For its price range, I cannot think of a better coffee machine.

By Robert Leonard

What a Great Coffee Maker! - 28 January 2015

I had heard the Vivaldi S1 was good as a friend recommended it to me, but it surpassed my expectations. I was especially impressed with the two boilers that were used to heat the coffee so that I was never without a hot cup. It is also quite compact as well, so it fits on top of my kitchen countertop easily. I cannot recommend this machine enough, if you are looking for a great coffee maker that works time and time again, the Vivaldi S1 is the machine for you.

By Charlie Forster

A bit fiddly, but overall a great coffee machine - 26 January 2015

Perhaps it was my fault, but I had read the impressive reviews of the Vivaldi S1 and thought I could start using it from the moment I pulled it out of the box without reading the instructions first. So naturally I ran into a few issues before I bothered to read the instructions, but overall it does what it says it will do and makes really fine coffee each and every time. It’s just a little different to work than some other coffee makers I’ve had, so it pays to read the instructions first.

By Eva Duffy

Superb Coffee Maker, Definitely Worth the Price! - 14 January 2015

The Vivaldi Mini S1 is everything I expect from a coffee machine and more. I really believe that I got great value for the price. Compact, yet fully of features and very consistent when making each cup of coffee, the S1 is definitely one of the best coffee machines I’ve run across. Highly recommended!

By George Hartley

Excellent Coffee Machine! - 09 January 2015

I had read the great reviews, but this colourful coffee maker still exceeded my expectations. It is compact and very easy to use. The price is a little higher than some of the other machines I looked at, but I’d have a hard time believing that they were as good as this one. There are really nice touches as well with the cup heating and two separate boilers so that I didn’t have to wait for another cup. I highly recommend this machine.

By Evan O'Sullivan

So far, so good. I’m starting to like it now - 18 December 2014

So after using my previous coffee maker for over 5 years, it started to show signs of aging. So I finally decided that it was time for a new one.

A couple of things I was looking for:

1. A traditional espresso machine. I like to grind my own coffee and control how this pours. I'm not into bean to cup / automated machines
2. It needs to be consistent in the way it makes coffee. This must be a high standard

Price wasn't really an issue for me. Yeah that sounds funny but I prefer value for money rather than "cheap". As the the saying goes, buy cheap buy twice.

When I found the Vivaldi Mini S1, it definitely looked the part and the video review was good - informative and commical.

I've had the machine for a week and am glad I bought it. It makes great coffee and looks good too. I love the cup heating facility and the fact it has 2 boilers so I don't have to wait between brewing coffee and frothing milk is fantastic. Great when you first wake up and want a no-nonsense coffee, fast!

10/10 from me. Good job.

By Archie Charlton

Good machine but read the instructions first - 25 November 2014

It's a great coffee machine. Very compact.

One complaint I have is that the temperature adjustment was quite fiddly to work out. It was easily solved when I read the instruction manual. I guess I should have done that first!

There were no problems with the taste of the coffee even on the first brew, but I do like to drink my coffee much cooler than the average coffee drinker.

I've made 9 brews so far and have found the Vivaldi Mini works as you'd expect.

By Benjamin Fowler

Great coffee machine - 22 November 2014

So after returning the KitchenAid and replacing it with Mr Coffee, I soon realised that the 50% reduction in the price wasn’t really a great choice because every day my brews were getting worse. I took a leap of faith and bought this machine and hoped for the very best... Oh boy, I couldn’t be much happier.

My first cup of coffee was very nice and they have got better and better. Using this machine is extremely easy. The controls are super simple.

Overall, the Vivaldi S1 coffee machine is the best coffee machine I have owned.

By Isobel McKenzie