Pullman Tamper S/s Nexus Jarrah Wood 57mm

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Pullman Tamper S/s Nexus Jarrah Wood 57mm + Knock Box 110mm Coffees Been - Red

Product Specifications

  • Make: Pullman
  • Model: Nexus
  • Size: 57mm Across
  • Handle Colour: Wood
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Base Material: Stainless Steel

Product Description

To make a good cup of espresso, you need a solid coffee tamper. Both professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts have identified the Pullman Tamper to be the best brand. They are high quality and made individually to allow for customization. Each tamper is designed and constructed by a coffee enthusiast who is dedicated in the art of making the perfect cup of coffee.

Every Pullman Tamper is designed to enhance the performance, as well as cover the aesthetic aspects. You will find an ergonomic handle allows for comfortable handling, and the angles ensure an even tamp every time. As mentioned, each tamper is uniquely made and it is given a serial number. They are individually measured and weighed to ensure perfection and your individual requirements are met.

The Pullman Tamper

Pullman Tamper

Pullman Tamper designs two tamper products and it is often debated which one is better. The Barista Tamper and the Nexus Tamper have different features that will appeal to different consumers. Your personal needs will dictate which tamper is the best fit for you.

Nexus VS Barista

Barista Tamper

Baristas and extreme espresso enthusiasts will find only the Barista Tamper fits the bill for their needs. You can find a variety of customization possibilities, including handle material, handle colour, engraving options, and a variety of bases. This tamper was the product of pre-production consultation and several prototypes from commercial operations. Therefore, it has the ability to meet the needs of a high-demand operation, such as a coffee shop and espresso bar. It is also not new to the market, and has been available since 2008.

Nexus Tamper

While still an excellent choice for commercial use, the Nexus Tamper caters to those who do not need the added features, such as engraving. It is cheaper in cost but still offers many customization abilities. This tamper comes with an ergonomic shape, and then the ability to select the handle colour and style of the base. It is a simple design, but is sturdy and can handle high volume use.

How to Decide

Both the Barista and the Nexus tamper are suitable for domestic or commercial use. They also can be customized to work with any type of machine, so here is the easiest way to determine which tamper is best for you.

Nexus Tamper

You will want to select the Nexus Tamper if you prefer an ergonomic design and want it to be bottom-heavy. This is also the right tamper for you if you are looking for a lower cost and simple design.

Barista Tamper

The Barista Tamper is better if you are looking for a balanced feel and desire a metal handle. This tamper gives you more flexibility and customization options, including selecting particular colours and handle heights. Finally, if you prefer a rubber finger area, then you will want to select the Barista.

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Customer Reviews

Delicious coffee plays with astringency but never quite gets there. This is one of the richest coffees I have tried that has the balance right between richness and bitterness. It has a beautiful rich crema also. One of if not the best I have seen. It looks a good coffee straight from the pour. I drink it as an espresso or as a macchiato.

Christine Briscoe
Bought Maxed Out blend

Really like this coffee. I found these guys through a friend and their coffees are great. They are really different but always delicious. You can see that someone is putting a lot of effort into making sure that there isnt one dud in the range. I reviewed this one as I normally drink single estate, but this one really is good.

Bought Garkys blend

If you told me coffee could have had a slight citrus nearly lemony taste I wouldn't have believed you until I tried this coffee. I wouldn't have thought such a taste could work but it does. I can honestly say I have never tasted a coffee like this and I do drink a lot of the stuff. It is now one of my favourites.

Joe Bent
Bought Cata blend