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Smooth for the cappuccino drinker

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Garky Coffee Blend + Pullman Tamper S/s Barista Jarrah Dark Red Wood 58.4mm

Product Specifications

Cupping Profile

Quality coffees drawn from major coffee growing regions from around the globe. There is medium acidity coupled with malty notes at the front end that develop smoky, spicy flavours on the palette. The coffee itself has a heavy body, almost syrup –like that lingers long on the finish. Great on its own or with milk and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Product Description

This is a true classic fairtrade coffee blend.

Distinctive combination of toffee and caramel on one end, and rich-flavoured coffee characterized by fruity acidity on the other. Add to this a hint of roasted almond, and you can see why this blend is a Beanheroes classic.

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Customer Reviews

Splendid - 28 October 2014

This might be the best coffee I’ve ever had. My daughter told me about Beanheroes and I have been using them for the last couple of months. The coffee has sweet, rich, very distinctive taste that lasts quite a while. I also tried it with milk, liked it very much as well. Fantastic.

By Oscar Smith

Sweet on its own - 20 October 2014

Bought this one few days ago after a friend had recommended it to me. It is quite good actually. I usually have it with milk but don’t add sugar - the coffee is sweet on its own. It has a very good body also. I’ll probably buy some more in the future. Maybe I'll try some other blend, I’ve seen a few others that seemed interesting too and like their unique social edge. 

By Adrian

Good - 20 August 2014

Have bought this coffee 3 times now. I really like it. Also works well in my little gaggia.

By Katherine O'Neil

Strange Name Good Coffee - 12 May 2014

I dont know who Garky is but he/she knows their coffees this is one of the smoothest coffees I have ever tasted. My bf normally has sugar with his but doesnt need to with this one. We both love it.

By Sophie Thrope

Great Coffee - 09 March 2014

Really like this coffee. I found these guys through a friend and their coffees are great. They are really different but always delicious. You can see that someone is putting a lot of effort into making sure that there isnt one dud in the range. I reviewed this one as I normally drink single estate, but this one really is good, and I've been hooked on it for some weeks now.

Great coffee guys.

By Chandra