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La Spaziale S1 Dream Coffee Machine + Malkohnig Home Vario Grinder

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Video Transcript

Well, this is Angry Bean. I'm here to try a new coffee machine. This one is called the Dream.  [mmm]. Okay, why is called the Dream? Well, the Dream is the S1 machine but it's the new version that's just been brought out into the market.   So if you say you've got one, you haven't because it’s only just come out. Okay, so, how does the S1 work? The S1 works quite similar. The Dream works quite similar to the other S1’s except it has a lot of added features.  The S40, that's the machine that's used in the UK, barista championship this year.  It has the same functionality, believe it or not, as that machine.So if you are a serious home user, this is a fantastic machine for you.

Okay, so, moving onto the machine.  We've got a rotating steam armhere.  It gives us a good decent control of the steam coming out. Okay, then we have obviously our on and off button here on the side. We have a water dispensing function which comes out of here and we can go into the menu I can turn it on to automatically fill up a cup this big and then stop. Or fill up a cup smaller and then stop. That can all be programmed inside the machine.

Then I have a function to turn the boiler on and off.  Why would I want that, you might say? How am I going to make coffee if my boiler's turned off? Well, the La Spaziale has two boilers, one that constantly provides you coffee at the perfect temperature and the other one that provides your hot water and your steam, also at a predefined temperature.  Now they use something called "PID", which basically in layman terms means heating pulses, basically correcting and allowing for historically information and current information to make sure those pulses keep maintaining a correct temperature throughout and that’s accurate within half a degree centigrade. 

Okay, so, without further ado, the next buttons which we will use to use the machine are the steam less espresso button, free-flow button, you keep going until you tell it to stop and then your double espresso button.Over here at the side I’ve got me up and down functionality for my menus. And I've also got a function to turn the menu on and off.   On the screen, we've got a nice picture of London.  There are other cities available on there as well. So if you're not from England, you can pick something else.  We have the temperature that's going on with the coffee, the temperature on the right hand side which is related to the boiler over here that is providingthe steam. And then we have the time and also functions relating to that, so essentially turning on and off at specific moments in time.  You don't even have to turn it on yourself.

Okay, first of all I've got calendar, then I've got time, next function, then I've got beep which you can hear is going off which isquite annoying so; we could turn off but I'm going keep it on for the purposes of the demonstration.  We've got backlight LCD so that was basically turningLCD on and off after a set amount of time as I mentioned previously. Language function obviously. Timer to turn itself on and off at specific moments in time.  Then we've got counters. So this is quite useful, if you're basically wanting to know how many espressos you’ve done overa set period of time. And it’s also counting the amount of water you've dispensed as well.  That timercan also can be reset, and the other handy thing about it is, is that it will use that timing function to allow the user to tell it when the filter needs changing and when the service needs doing.

Okay, next we have the program function. And that's the program different levels of coffee and the drink. I will go back into that in a minute.

Next we've got service, which comes back to what we were saying before automatically telling us when it needs a service filter. It can tell us automatically when it needs its filter changing. Alarms. So we have different alarms that can tell you different diagnosis of what's wrong with the machine so that you don't have to spend as much time trying to get it repaired. In the long future, these are reliable machines, but obviously any machine can go down.

Next, you've got some read files as well. So you can basically write as well, you can write things into the programming menuthen you say you can have your own specific set-ups on the machine. Again, I'll go into that in more details later. You can also write thatto an SD card.  The SD card connections below. So if you have multiple machines you can basically transfer the data between each one and then obviously read it from each one.

We've got the LED functionality below which is your spotlight LEDs to make the machine, --the coffee look basically more appealing to.  So if you go into the kitchen, it will look, you know it’s making the coffee you’ve got the downlight shining down on your coffee. And then we have the EGS grinding system at the end, which basically is to help you correct, the same thing happens on the Spaziale when your grinder set to far. Of course, the machine will tell youthat it needs to adjusting accordingly.

Okay, so, you can have a different person. So obviously the beauty about this machine is it can be set up to different temperatures, slightly different profiles in the way its set up to function different temperatures on both boilers, different amounts of extraction. And so how do we set on these preferences? We set them up and using this menu, but then wecan also name it as our own settings if you'd like. So, for me, it will be Angry Bean’s settings to make the coffee. For someone else John James, whoever, whatever their name is, they can have their own settings as well. There'll be wrong if they're not the same settings I’ve put them in, but if they want to have them, they can have them anyway.

Okay, so that would allow me then to set the programming menus for the following. Boiler temperature, what temperature do I want my coffee coming out at?  Different beans will respond and give slightly different taste profiles to different temperatures.  Boiler temperature, that's the temperature that I like to use thesteam at. Again I can basically change the temperature up or down to create more dry steam if I want to do latte art. One really nice function on this machine is it also basically well…imagine the amounts of seconds that it’s extracting for.  The other thing it does is it measures number of impulses, water impulses, I mean to say.  Impulses are not something that I get when I jump in every time to come on screen.  Impulses are something that basically, the electrics, the electrics inside the machine measure the number of times that your flow meter rotates and how it does that is a little magnet inside the flow meter, and it will basically count the number of times it rotates and it can then basically calculate thatto a specific volume of water that's passing through the machine.  Thus, it can create the number of, --the amounts of volume that's in your cup ultimately. So, the reason that that's important is basically, you want to be able to measurethe amount of water that's actually coming through to make your expresso as well as the time that it takes. It's no use taking 23 seconds, if it's actually only extracting 10 ml of coffee;your settings are all wrong.  So, that will allow you do that. And it's settable on the single and also on settable on the double. “Settable”, probably not a word;“Setting” is the word that I'm looking for.

Okay, so, coffee doses. Hot water. We talked about this very briefly.  Have this so it measures the correct portion of water, very useful if I'm doing an Americana and filling with the espresso, moving over there. Press my water button, it will dispense the perfect amount and stop so we don’t have to stand over it.  I can set you off with the manual if I desire.

And that is it.  There is nothing else to talk about. Very good machine.  Controls every single perimeter you could hope for.  Classic La Spaziale functionality.Obviously it’s still got your reduced diameter, group handles which are obviously allow for much deeper espresso shot, which I believe gives you a superior espresso. And then we have steam monitor which I reviewed previously, that's basically on a ball joint, so that will rotate 360 and turn as well while it'srotating.And then after it, you have water drip tray is detachable here to empty out, and you’ve also got a water tank here at the front of machine, not at the back. Because, the back is useless if it's in your kitchen for you to get around the back. So, very well built. Beautiful machine.

Just one thing left that you need to do and that is go and buy it.

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Customer Reviews

Delicious coffee plays with astringency but never quite gets there. This is one of the richest coffees I have tried that has the balance right between richness and bitterness. It has a beautiful rich crema also. One of if not the best I have seen. It looks a good coffee straight from the pour. I drink it as an espresso or as a macchiato.

Christine Briscoe
Bought Maxed Out blend

Really like this coffee. I found these guys through a friend and their coffees are great. They are really different but always delicious. You can see that someone is putting a lot of effort into making sure that there isnt one dud in the range. I reviewed this one as I normally drink single estate, but this one really is good.

Bought Garkys blend

If you told me coffee could have had a slight citrus nearly lemony taste I wouldn't have believed you until I tried this coffee. I wouldn't have thought such a taste could work but it does. I can honestly say I have never tasted a coffee like this and I do drink a lot of the stuff. It is now one of my favourites.

Joe Bent
Bought Cata blend