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For the strong coffee drinker

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Nat Attack Blend + Pullman Tamper S/s Barista Jarrah Dark Red Wood 58.4mm

Product Description

Cupping Profile

Rich and full flavoured with bright fruity acidity and Carmel sweetness throughout. Notes of roasted almonds and toffee with a clean lingering aftertaste. Wonderfully balanced from start to finish.

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Fairtrade Colombia Huila, Fairtrade Costa Rica,  Fairtrade Brazil Mogiana

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We are a Social Enterprise.

Making amazing coffee is only part of what we do. We also use our profits to fund our heroes to achieve their goals and benefit the wider society.

As an ethical coffee company, Mr Angry Bean gets very angry when he sees other companies not pulling their weight to help society. Listen to what he has to say.

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Customer Reviews

Great - 25 October 2014

Don’t really know why people avoid Fairtrade coffee. I gave this one a shot, and it was perfect. Granted, I am not a real connoisseur, but most of my flat mates liked it as well. 

By Anne Bishop

Nice - 06 August 2014

I feeI have tried practically all Fairtrade blends out there, and I guess I could say this one is among the best. Very decent-quality coffee, plus a very nice toffee and almond note within it. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. I normally expect much less from a Fairtrade. I dont know if there is a reason for it but I like FT Chocoaltes but not always the coffees? This one is a great find though. Love what the company does too perhaps they should call it very fair coffee?

By Desmond

Nice Coffee - 23 March 2014

I like to buy Fairtrade. However I do struggle on the quality side sometimes this coffee is lovely and to be honest everything on this site is ultra ethical in other ways anyway so I'll probably try some of the others.

Only negative point is that you have to wait to get the coffee sometimes depending on when you order this can be a few days. I believe this is down to roasting though so I suppose somethings you have to wait for. I just have a poor memory could you start holding some heroes!?

By Lucy